A big and deep bowl with a stemmed foot, a flat rim and two horizontal handles on either side, of which only one survives. The bowl has Black on Red I (III) type decoration of black geometrical designs on a red coated clay. Externally the main frieze at the body of the bowl has three panels. On one side of the bowl the central design is of fir or Cypress tree with a left latticed vertical lozenge and trangle panel and to the right stacked lozenges. On the other side of the bowl the decoration is the same but the central Cypress tree has the right panel completely latticed. The handle is also painted black and it is shadowed on the side of the bowl. There is solid paint on and around the handles. The interrior of the bowl has dark concentric rings along the rim, lower part and the base. The clay is gritty, rather sandy, brownish buff, evenly fired medium hard with a well smoothed plain surface finish. The bowl has been joined together by many sherds and parts of the rim and wall are lost..