A wheel made, deep and wide bowl. The bowl has a splaying conical foot and the body has convex sides and a slghtly turned out rim. There are two looped handles, one on each side of the bowl. The decoration is geometrical of the White Painted I or White Painted II type of brown paint on a white and creamy slip body.The clay is buff brown, gritty, evenly fired medium hard. The centre of the exterior body below the handles has a thick horizontal brown band and the area above it has three triglyphs on both sides. On the one side of the bowl, the middle triglyph is a diamond shape, filled in with hatched lozenges. Three vertical dark stripes, one with a ladder design frame the central lozenge. The central pattern on the other side of the bowl is also a diamond shape, filled in with a lattice lozenges design. The triglyphs close to the handle at each side of the bowl have in the middle a lattice lozenges design, repeating the design of the main body decoration, and three vertical lines on each of the sides of the central design. Inside there are broad bands on the rim, on mid wall and on the floor. There is solid paint on foot and on the handles. The area of the body directly behind each handle is in brown slip decoration, shadowing the shape of handle. The base has been restored in one small section and the surface of the pot has chipped especially at the rim.