A White Painted II or III deep bowl with a low stemmed foot with flat resting surface, convex sides, slightly turned out rim, two handles each on the body below the rim. The clay is buff and greenish, evenly fired hard and with a greenish finish. The bowl has geometric decoration of two thick horizontal brown bands along the lower part of the exterio body and the rim. The area in between the handles on both sides of the bowl is decorated on each side with four concetnrtic circles at centre flanked on either side by panels of vertical latticed lozenges. On the other side of the bowl the design is the same but the triglyph on the left panel is of stacked chevrons. The handles and the foot of the bowl are painted in thick brown. The interior of the bowl has decoration of thick circular bands along the rim, the lower body and the internal base.The bowl was joined from many sherds and had some restoration.