A White Painted III or according to Catling White Painted II type decoration in matt brown paint. It is a deep bowl, convex to carinated sides, slightly turned out rim, two opposed horizontal loop handles on body below the rim and a conical splaying foot. The clay is buff brown and sandy, very gritty and has a plain self finish slip. The bowl has lost much of the buff slip. The geometrical decoration is in dark brown paint: two horizontal broad bands at rim and round the middle of the body which create a zone between the two handles. This main zone has a chain of three latticed lozenges with a solid triangle filled to the left and to the right, both of them framed by two vertical lines on each side. On the other side of the bowl only part of the decoration survives: a chain of two vertical lozenges in between vertical stripes. Circular bands decorate the interior of the bowl at the central base and the lower part of the body. Part of the same dark band decoration can be seen along the rim of the bowl. The bowl is generally in a poor condition and much of its decoration is lost.