A White Painted II or III, deep bowl or krater with convex sides, two vertical handles, placed opposite each other and attached close to its rim. The shape probably imitatged metalic vessels and it is common from the Cypriot Geometric III, The distinctly thin and slightly everted rim may mean that the vessel is from the Cypriot Geometric II period. The bowl has a decoration of a thick brown band on the lower main body and a thin brown band along its rim. The base of the bowl also has a brown band. Two wavy brown lines decorated the area in between the rim and the lower body. The interior of the bowl has decoration of two concentrics, the interior base is also in brown outline and a thick brown band is lower to the interior rim. The handles have two middle joints which attach them to the body of the bowl. Parallel brown stripes decorate the handles. On one side of the bowl, close to the handle a small area is missing. The bowl has been repaired and joined together from different sherds.