A deep reddish clay bowl with a stemmed foot, a flared rim and two horizontal handles. There is prominent internal wheel ridging.The bowl is decorated in White Painted III or White Painted II according to Catling. he white slip is creamy but has been lost in certain areas exposing the red clay. A thin brown band runs along the rim and a thicker one at the lower part of the body, just above the foot. The main decoration on the body of the bowl and on both sides are in three narrow panels. The central panel has a design of three large brown vertical lozenges filled with a cross hatched pattern. To the left and right of he central lozenge pattern there are stacked chevrons, framed by three vertical lines on each side. The other two narrow panels are closer to the handles and have decoration of thin, vertical brown lines with a pointed arrow line in the middle. The splayed base has an outline in brown. The handles are painted in brown and their decoration is shadowed on the body of the bowl. The interior of the bowl is also decorated in a thin brown band along the rim, a broader band below and lower bowl and solid paint on the floor. The bowl has been joined together by different sherds but is in a good condition.