A deep bowl with a splayed base, a slightly everted rim and two ear lobe shaped handles. The bowl is decorated in White Painted III or White Painted II according to Catling. The clay is buff brown, heavily gritted, evenly fired soft, The bowl is decorated with a thin black horizontal band along its rim and a thicker one at the lower body. The main design on both sides of the exterior body of the bowl is a design of four vertical lozenges, filled in cross hatched design. By the area of the handles instead of the full lozenge design there are dark brown with a solid traingle as space filler to left and right. The base of the foot and the handles are also painted in black, the shape of the handle is shadowed in black on the body of the bowl. The interior is also decorated in dark bands along the rim and a broader band above the floor. The bowl has only one crack but a lot of the creamy slip is worn.