A deep bowl with a stemmed foot, a flared rim and two side handles which have the shape of an upright ear lobe and are painted in dark black. The decoration is of White Painted III type or according to Catling White Painted I in matt brown paint. The clay is sandy and creamy with grit and vesicles, evenly fired medium hard. The surface is creamy and well finsihed painly greenish The slightly everted rim has an outline in a thick dark band. The conical lower part of the exterior body has a thick black band framed by thinner circular bands. The foot is painted in a thick dark outline. The central panel on the main body is of a chequered pattern, framed by a ladder design, enclosed on both sides by pairs of verticals. The handle area of the bowl at each side has a thinner panel of vertical lozenge chains each with a dot in the centre and framed by three thin vertical lines on each side. The interior has four fine bands at and below the rim, three bands in the middle part of the bowl, a spiral of five around a solid circle with a reserve centre on the floor. The bowl has been repaired and much of the slip and decoration has chipped.