LL 6629


Bowl, one of a pair (to LL 6630), with mould-stamped decoration of two boys playing amid lotus scrolls. The motif of two boys, symbolizing the Chinese preference for male offspring, became popular as ornament on ceramics during the Northern Song Dynasty. During the Song period Jingdezhen produced the renowned qingbai porcelain. The meaning of the term qingbai derives from the Jingdezhen potters’ conscious imitation of the colour and texture of jade. The glaze itself has an attractive mixture of white and blue, hence the term qing (meaning blue) and bai (meaning white). As the glaze is very fine, this ware has been called by other evocative names like yingqng (shadow blue), yingqing (transmitted blue), zhaoqing (added blue), and yingqing (hidden blue).