Five large sherds from the base and body of a large and deep bowl which had two vertical handles at each side of its body. The bowl is in White Painted III or according to Catling Wjhite Painted I or II type of decoration in matt brown paint and of creamy slip all over its body. Externally in matt brown there are two dark circular bands along the lower part of the body and the exterior of the rim. In the space between the two horizontal bands are possibly three vertical panels on each side of the body. The middle panel has a central theme of vertical latticed lozenges and half lozenges, framed by three vertical lines at each side. The two other panels are also in dark brown vertical fishbone design and framed by three vertical lines. The handles are painted in dark brown slip, shadowed onto the body of the bowl. The interior of the bowl has two circular bands running along the upper body and one along the rim. The bowl has been joined together by sherds and there are five smaller sherds still loose.