Two sherds: one blue base with black lines; the other larger fragment is variegated (blue, green and white) with black lines and is marked on the back "84". The larger piece is very much like another fragment (56.22.559) and may be from the same/similar vessel. An image of 56.22.559 is included in the object record for comparison. Amarna find number for both is 33/84: from the City Centre: Government Offices: The Eastern Block, a. North: Q42.8. The Amarna object database notes that 3 sherds assigned the find number 33/84 were given to the East Anglia Egyptian Society. One is blue with black lines, design indeterminable,18 x 15 mm; one is mauve, white, green with dark lines ?scales 20 x 20 mm; and the other is thought to be inlay of straight length with flat (?original) ends, 43 x 5 mm. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, surface loss, pitted, surface dirt. Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society in 1933. Acquired by the EES in the division of finds. Donated to the East Anglia Egyptian Society by the EES in recognition of a contribution to the EES (excavation subscription). Donated to Norwich Castle Museum. Purchased from the collections of Norwich Castle Museum in 1956 by Liverpool City Museum (now World Museum).