A tulip shaped small bowl with spouts, a hemispherical body with a curved base. The bowl was hand made and has Red Polished I type of decoration of a red slip at its lower part and white filled incised decoration at the upper and main part of its body. The incised decoration is of a horizontal band of fishbone designs above which are two sets of incised zig zag and parallel diagonal lines. Along the exterior of the mouth there is a horizontal band of small parallel diagonal lines. The interior of the bowl is in Black Polished slip that is significanly worn. There are two small lugs at each side of the bowl, and they are in the shape of a voukranio, ( head of a bull ) with pierced holes to their side. From the tomb 134 of cemetery A in Vounous, recorded by the excavators as a single burial, the tomb had not been reused after the initial interment.