Bowl card



Currently not on display


A White Painted III type deep bowl, with two handles, one at each side and below the circular mouth. The base of the bowl is broken and missing. The lower body of the bowl has a conical shape, the white slip is creamy all over the bowl but in certain areas in a poor condition. The upper part of the body of the bowl is framed with three think horizontal bands in the middle of the body and one along the exterior edge of the mouth. In between the mouth and the middle of the body there are four black slip painted large panels of four cicles positioned diagonically to each other in an X outlined design. In between the large panels there is narrower panel of vertical lozenges filled in with a cross hatched design. The handles have thick brown parallel lines painted along their surface, the decoration of one of the handles has significantly faded. Along the interior mouth, middle of the body and the base, there are circular brown bands.