Bowl Sherd


On display

Rim and part of the base of a shallow bowl of fine light brown pottery painted with a red and black border line at the top and bottom. Representation of a red and black horse on a lead with both front legs raised, as if leaping forward. Part of a hand and arm can be seen holdng the lead rope. Ex Wellcome collection inv. W34/22(3); There are three very comparable sherds in the Louvre that appear to be from the very same vessel (E12968A-C) which were excavated at Deir el Medina tomb 1095 (Bruyere). In error the Liverpool sherds have been published as being from Meroe, Sudan, by László Török (Meroe City An Ancient African Capital: John Garstang’s Excavations in the Sudan. Part One: Text (London, 1997) pp. 139, 287.