Bowl Sherd


On display

Four fragments mended to form the rim and part of the base of a shallow bowl of fine light brown pottery painted with a red and black border line at the top and bottom. Representation of a black and red horse on a lead with both front legs raised, as if leaping forward. On the right side there is part of an ankh sign with floral (?) decoration. Ex Wellcome collection inv. W34/22(3); There are 3 very comparable sherds in the Louvre that appear to be from the very same vessel (E12968A-C) which were excavated at Deir el Medina tomb 1095 (Bruyere). In error they have been published as being from Meroe by László Török (Meroe City An Ancient African Capital: John Garstang’s Excavations in the Sudan. Part One: Text (London, 1997) pp. 139, 287.