Cylindrical box with hinged circular lid, with remains of white paint on the inside and outside. There is a round knob on top of the lid and one on the side of the box which have remains of string used to tie the box shut. On either side of the box are two piercings with string threaded through to act as carrying handles. The box contained a reed basket and bread. The style of the box is the same as one from the 18th Dynasty (1425 - 1353 BC) tomb of Kha (TT8) at Deir el Medina, from Schiaparelli's excavations (1903-1906) and now in the Egyptian Museum, Turin (accession no. S. 8237). Once attached is a rectangular auction sticker (221) and on the base is another with the numbers 24/(1). Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 9389; Sold at Sotheby's, London, 21 July 1920 lot 221 "Cylindrical wooden Box with pivotal lid, and containing a plaited rush basket, with lid and food fragments, 3 3/4 in. high by 3 3/4 in. diam.; all in excellent state of preservation; from the Grant sale at Cairo". Sold at Sotheby's, London (Field Marshall Lord Grenfell collection), 12-14 November 1917 lot 67/6: "A carved wood seated Figure on a chair, painted, from Luxor; a Cylindrical Box, with pivotal cover, containing a rush basket with food, from the Grant sale, Cairo; and an obelisk shaped Mummy Box, carved with figures of OSIRIS and ISIS in relief".