Fragments of a bronze bracelet. Powdering and in a very poor condition. From Esna grave 135 E'05. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Bronze has extensive amounts of fresh corrosion, very friable; surface dirt, concretions. Accession register 25 November 1905 no. 84 "Miscellaneous beads, shells, scarab, bronze rings and shell rings. (4) 135". catalogue card from c. 1910: “String of beads, scarabs, shells, etc. Blue glaze amulet of Isis. 2 fragments of bronze bracelet. Glazed steatite scarab with coiled rope design. Three cowries. Bronze ring and shell ring. Blue glaze scarab, flying scarab design. Three small blue paste scarabs. One button shaped seal of blue paste. Variously shaped beads of glaze, carnelian and garnet”.