Bracelet with double row hourglass stamp



Broad-band arm-ring or bracelet decorated with double row hourglass stamp. Penannular, with punched ornament; complete. Bent roughly in half and flattened, it tapers strongly from its expanded mid-portion to the terminals, which are rounded. One terminal is lapped tightly over the other, clamping a small piece of extra silver in-between; this fragment, which exhibits a clean cut at one end, is possibly one of the cut terminals of objects MLL.2007.5.4, MLL.2007.5.8, MLL.2007.5.9, MLL.2007.5.13 or MLL.2007.5.19. The central part of the decorated face features four vertical (transverse) rows of three impressions of an opposed-triangle (hour-glass) shaped stamp; both triangles have rounded corners and contain three minute pellets. From here to the terminal areas both edges of the decorated face are bordered with a continuous row of these impressions. At one terminal area the design is completed with two further impressions, whereas the arrangement at the other end is rather haphazard. Discovered as part of the Huxley Hoard. Width 9mm (min) - 18mm (max) Height 6mm (min) - 14mm (max) Thickness 3mm