Bracelet, 'Johnny'.



“When I was 15 I left school and went the Isle of Man. It was the last time we were all together, all of the lads from school and that. I used to have a brief liaison with someone from school. It wasn’t a mad thing, all experimentation. We were in a shop, I think it was in Peel or somewhere like that, and I saw this bracelet and I said, “Here, let’s get that” and actually he turned around and said “Do you want me to nick it for you?” and I said, “No, it’s only about 2/6d, I’ll get it” and we had our photograph taken and I had this bracelet for many, many years. It was just a memory of both of us and what we were like when we were 15. He went off, he went off in to the Merchant Navy and we lost touch but it was a great little memento. I lost the photograph a long time ago because I’ve moved about 15 times, well since I was 15 like about 25 times but I’ve always kept that bracelet. It was a memory, or I should say memento of that last year of innocence, of leaving school and going in to the big wide world.” – John Harrison, speaking in 2016 as part of the Liverpool Voices Archive