Bracelet with opposed triangle hourglass shape



Broad-band arm-ring or bracelet decorated with opposed triangle hourglass shape. Penannular, with punched ornament; complete. Bent roughly in half and flattened, it tapers strongly from its expanded mid-portion to the terminals, which are rounded. The outer face is ornamented with a continuous row of vertical (transverse) impressions of a large opposed-triangle (hour-glass) shaped stamp; this has finely serrated edges at top and bottom and both its triangles contain a single pellet, one of which features an apparent flaw in the form of a raised line that transverses it. This ‘defect’ reveals that either the flat arm-ring or the punch was reversed by the silversmith when the mid-point was reached during the stamping process. [I chose band because it’s important to be clear that the stamping preceded the finishing, but the addition of ‘flat’ would do] Both edges of the decorated face are bordered with a continuous row of vertical stamping formed with a punch of two amorphous blobs; these rows were applied after the row of opposed-triangle impressions, which they sometimes overstrike in the terminal areas. Discovered as part of the Huxley Hoard. Width 12mm (min) - 22mm (max) Height 10mm (min) - 12mm (max) Thickness 2mm