Bracelet with serrated bar stamp diagonally lozenges



Broad-band arm-ring or bracelet decorated with serrated bar stamp diagonally lozenges. Penannular, with punched ornament; complete. Bent in half and flattened, it tapers strongly from its mid-portion to the terminals, which are sub-rectangular in form. The outer face is ornamented with a series of eight longitudinally disposed lozenges, each formed by four oblique impressions of a punch with serrated edges, seven of which contain four inwardly pointing impressions of a lozenge-shaped punch containing three pellets; the eighth lozenge, located at one end of the row, is too small to accommodate four impressions and only contains two. Along the edges are further impressions of this punch, disposed in the spaces between each lozenge. This ornamental scheme is terminated at both ends with a plain vertical impression, formed with a blunt-nosed punch. There are two minor cuts located close together on one edge of the arm-ring, near its mid-point, but these are probably not deliberate nicks, most likely resulting from the bending of the ring. Discovered as part of the Huxley Hoard. Width 6mm (min) - 15mm (max) Height 8mm (min) - 17mm (max) Thickness 3mm