Braille watch



ID: A gold wristwatch with a front opening glass cover and a Braille clockface. The front cover is open to show the braille numbers inside. This Swiss made ladies’ wristwatch belonged to Caroline France. Caroline (or Carol, as she liked to be known), was born in 1905 in Edge Hill; the eldest of 13 children. From the age of 13 she attended the School for the Blind Children’s Branch in Wavertree. Aged 16, she went to the Hardman Street School, where she taught machine knitting, basket making and chair caning until 1957. Carol dressed stylishly, enjoyed holidays and outings with her many friends, sang with church choirs and choral societies, and most of all loved her dogs. Her friend Barbara Myers remembers, “Carol was dignified and comical, self-disciplined and rebellious. ‘You might as well as wish you had’ was one of her favourite sayings. I believe she died regretting nothing.”