Large circular disc brooch. It is divided into two unequal zones by an upright flange. The decoration at the front is of a central cast cell, which evidently once held a stone now lost, and co-centrics with it two cast ridges (one on rim itself). The flat zones between the ridges have a punched ornament of formal kind; the borders have SSS decoration. The front of the brooch except for the central cell is gilded, the back is tinned. On the back of the brooch there are the remains of a catchplate and a broken pin attachment on raised ridge. There is an iron stain around the perforated lug. Although the brooch looks Roman in date it is more likely a cheaper imitation of the more sophisticated composite Ango-Saxon composite disc brooches. The brooch was found in a female inhumation grave. Other accompanying artefacts included a small necklace from which the brooch may have been suspended, some iron chain links with miniature tools suspended from the waist and the remains of a box at the feet.