Silver-gilt disc-brooch (Leeds Class 1d, Avent Class 61) characterised of the knot type animal as ornament representing back biting animals of the Continental Style II. The central cell has a beaded wire collar and a boss of white shell, with a small cabochon garnet surrounded by another beaded wire collar. Around the central cell are also two chip-carved concentric ridges, then a zone with 4 round and 4 stepped cells alternating with garnets. Between each stepped and circular cells is the ornament of the chip-carved knots representing back beating animals. Then around this main zone are two more ridges, followed by a band with shallow cells alternating short with garnets and thin white shell settings mostly now lost. The outer rim has light-and-shade work. The brooch was scarcely worn. At the back there is a simple catch plate, iron spring-coil on attachment with the pin missing. Scored grooves match the contour of boss and the central ridges, in the centre. The brooch was found with 9 small wire rings with slip knots, 5 yellow beads, a part from a gilded bronze bracelet. It was found on the right shoulder of the skeleton