Silver-gilt disc brooch, Avent Class 3.2, found in a female grave. The central boss is of white paste set with a tiny cabochon (convex shape) garnet in a plain collar. Radiating from the beaded wire rim of this boss, are three wedge-shaped cells with flat garnets on chequered gold foil. Between them and towards the rim, are three subsidiary circular cells, now empty and one cut clean through the backplate. The main ornament between the the ciruclar and wedge shaped cell is pairs of semicircular heads, joined below by a straight line, representing the two bodies. This main zone is encircled by a carved ridge, and a band cut out alternating three long and three very short cells that are now empty. The outer rim of the brooch is decorated with 'light-and-shade' work, alternating plain and beaded sections. At the back there is a simple pin catch and attachment for the missing pin and coil. The brooch is the only one that can be dated from Avent's Class 3.2 and from an interesting grave that included an unclassified plated disc brooch. The rim of the brooch is very worn and this suggests that it was pretty old when it was buried.