Silver gilt and gold jewelled composite disc brooch (Leeds Class II, c). A silver-gilt disc with light-and-shade rim and flat border with 2 rows of nielloed triangles which are here very fine indeed. Soldered in the centre is a cloisonné pattern - the cells with gold divisions - consisting of a central roundel with domed shell setting, with upstanding flat-topped cabochon garnet in gold collar with gold wire beading. Around this a band of cloisonné work, into which are half inset 3 smaller roundels with domed shell bosses and little cabochon garnets, set directly into the shell on a disc of chequered gold foil. Projecting from the band, and alternating with the little roundels are three sub-triangular cells. These and the majority of the cloisonné band are set with flat garnets on chequered foil. But directly inwards from the triangles are stepped cells with flat blue glass (Hawkes: lapis lazuli) settings. The remaining partitions, are straight ones inwards from the secondary bosses. One garnet is missing from one triangle, otherwise all others are present, except one little cabochon from one of subsidiary bosses. The remaining space on the brooch is filled by thin gold sheet with beaded wire border, with very fine filigree work consisting of two rows of omega motifs, occasionally interspaced with tiny annulets, separated by beaded wire line. The brooch is not very badly worn, though the niello band has suffered somewhat. At the back there are 3 silver rivet-heads which show how 3 subsidiary bosses were riveted onto disc before the shell was put in. There is the usual simple catchplate and the attachment for missing pin and coil. Traces of iron rust.