A silver-gilt trumpet brooch of Mackreth’s Trumpet brooch sub-type 1.2c1 with petalled knop. The head of the brooch is slightly hollow with R-shaped attachment for spring. Elaborate scroll pattern on head (two large open scrolls with complex moulding inside; separated by two trumpet like mouldings; the central moulding then curls back on itself into two tight scrolls above the central petalled knop, the lower bow in triangular in section and has two curvilinear relief-moulded designs resembling stylised waves, with projecting points, and diminishing in size toward the foot. Lug at rear of head with single hole, head has elaborate curvilinear decoration; central moulding separated from bow by knurled decoration which is present on the central widest moulding, separating two petalled mouldings. The top edge of the catchplate is missing but shows the remains of a single perforation towards the top. The face of the catchplate is decorated with incised decoration in the form of pairs of stylised petals with a knurled boarder and the outer edge, with an incised zig-zag. Pin and spring are missing. This brooch can be associated with a rosette mount, MOL.2015.90.5, which would have attached to the headloop.