Cruciform brooch with an animal head terminal. The small head-plate has backsloping wings and at the front has decoration of a pair of transverse grooves. The top knob is cast in one the with plates, the side knobs are attached separately by means of iron bar passing through the pierced lug at back. The pin is of iron and is broken, but remains of iron rust with textile surviving impression cover a section of it. One side of the knob is missing. Only two very worn and corroded animal heads with large protruberant eyes survive. The bow is in recess with long rectangular panels. The foot has mouldings below the bow and remains of side lappets under the bow; both are broken but there are remains of an eye and perhaps a jaw. At the base of the foot there is a large animal head with arched ears, boss eyes, straight ridge nose, diagonal nostrils, and a flat lobe at the base of the nose, in lower plane. The catchplate is missing.