One of a pair of of silver-gilt bow brooches, possibly Frankish, the other being M7192b. Rectangular headplate with fused flattened knobs, slightly hollow at back, 3 at top, 2 at sides, with double ridge between them and ungilded band with 2 rows nielloed triangles; similar bands border edges of bow and oval foot, and go down centre of bow. Chip-carved, interlocking angular ornament on the head, bow and foot. A thet lower end of the foot there is an animal head full face in relief (hollow behind). Plain silver band with single row of nielloed triangles for the brows, nose and base of muzzle - 2 grooves above brows, under round eyes, and 3 on either side of muzzle. At the back there is a pair of attachments for missing spring-coil of pin and a simple catchplate. The brooch is cracked under the bow and repaired with modern soldering.