A composite disc brooch with three rings and a central setting with a gold clasp. The decoration in the first ring is of cloissone work and finely worked filigree. The four cloissone is T shaped settings inside semi circles, symmetrically arranged inside the filigree of the second ring. The third ring consists only of cloissone work. The central boss is of a large circular garnet with an off-centre near-circular hole drilled through it, presumably for another piece of stone or glass. The empty cloisonné cells around the central boss have traces of red paint at the bottom which is evidence of a later restoration. The backplate of the brooch is a silver disc pierced by one gold rivet from behind the central boss. The cloisonné front is joined to the silver disc by the packing of paste. The space between them is covered up by horizontally grooved sheet of gold rim with milling along top. The brooch was found in a woman's grave, with glass beads, and iron knife, keys and the remains of a chatelaine.