Bryson collection: Battersby Family, emigration.



From the Guide to the Collections of the Merseyside Maritime Museum, volume 2: A Liverpool Irish family, some of whom emigrated to America and Australia, whilst others remained in Liverpool and ran a successful coal trading business with a fleet of barges and flats. The collection includes extensive correspondence between members of the family at home and abroad. James Battersby emigrated to the U.S.A. with his wife, Juliana, and their children, in 1850, and went to live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Records: Correspondence with his brother, Richard Battersby, and family in Liverpool, describing his wife’s desertion, their divorce, his application for American Citizenship, problems of employment, and life in Cincinnati, and following his death in 1854, the return of the children to England. Also letters to Juliana from her brother, William Reece, writing from New York re the difficulties of life in America at a time of economic recession, and his inability to offer James Battersby any work or financial assistance, 1849-1855. Specimens of Cincinnati business stationery, c.1895-1897. Richard Battersby, brother of James Battersby, sought to alleviate his financial difficulties by joining the “gold rush” to Australia in 1852. However, he was unsuccessful at making his fortune and returned home to Liverpool in 1853. Records: Correspondence between Richard Battersby and his brother, James, re his decision to go to Australia for 12-18 months, his life at the gold-fields and his relief at returning home, 1852-1854. Frederick Robert (James) Battersby emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1833, but went missing in November 1884. Records: Correspondence of Colonel J.C. Battersby and others, concerning the search for Frederick Battersby, and his legal affairs, 1888-1899.