Bryson collection: Indefatigable, training ship.



See the main Indefatigable collection, reference D/IND for a history of the institution and the majority of the archive material. These records are part of the large Bryson collection of maritime institutions and local businesses. This collection comprises of a bound volume of annual reports 1st-17th, 1865-1881. A list of boys sent to join ships, includes name of vessel, company and date joined, 1949-1963. Finally, application forms from 1957, these relate to boys born in 1942 or 1943 who are applying to join the school aged 14. They are closed under data protection rules until 2042 or 2043 (assuming a life span of 100 years) unless proof of death can be supplied or the data subject themselves makes an access request. For more details see the attached list or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue. The material is available within the Searchroom of The Archives Centre, Merseyside Maritime Museum.