Bryson collection: Maritime Business



The Bryson collection was compiled by Joe Bryson who had a varied career history as a soldier, fairground artist and angler. It is a large collection of documents collected by Bryson over a twenty-year period and includes material about Liverpool business, legal records, personal letters and maritime shipping history. This section of the collection are papers of various maritime businesses, including shipping companies, marine insurance and shipping agents. It is not known how the papers came into his hands. The collection has been box-listed only. Items within the boxes are not necessarily numbered, where a number is included in the lists; this is given to assist future re-cataloguing. Related material for many of the shipping companies can be found within the main collections of The Archives Centre. The collection is accessible to any reader within The Archives Centre Searchroom, Merseyside Maritime Museum. See the attached list for further details or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue. Businesses that are mentioned include: Ismay, Brocklebank & Battersby. Bryson, Garnock & Bibby (Ropemakers). Stitt / Sandbach Tinne / Heap / Worsley Battersby. Safety at Sea. H. Taylor & Co., Ship Agents. Cunard Line. Ellerman Papayanni Line. Kyle Queen, Monroe Brothers, Liverpool. Liverpool and London War Risk Association. Liverpool and Glasgow War Loss Committee. Furness and Warren Lines. Voyage Correspondence of the Ellerman Papayanni Line. P & O Manuals of Information. Ellerman Hall Line Log Books. H.J. Evans & Co., Shipping Agents. Halidom Shipping Company. C G Dunn, Shipping Company. Franconia, Cunard. Gracie, Beazley & Company Invernia and Caronia Cunard. Empire Waveney, Cunard. Hill, Dickinson & Co., Solicitors