Bryson Collection: Records of Sandbach, Tinne & Company, merchants.



The correspondence covers the period 1804-1908, but is particularly good for the years 1850-1880. The best letters are those from individual plantation managers (and later Sandbach, Parker & Co.) in Demerara. These contain references to ships owned by the company, cargoes of sugar, rum and molasses, and also of "coolies". Also of interest are the letters concerning the re-introduction of steamships to the West Indies routes. Correspondence, business letters to Samuel Sandbach from James McInvoy and Charles D. Parker, re administration, management, investment and purchase of sugar plantations. Others, re sugar and coffee cargoes, condition of coolies and other labourers. Letters from James Baines (Black Ball Line), re shipments of coolies. Plantation managers, re ships owned by the company, 1804-1908. Agreements of partnership and sale of plantations, 1822-1891. Deeds for land and property in Aigburth, Liverpool, 1825-1916. Financial, profit and loss account (McInroy Parker & Co.), balance sheets, accounts of the proprietors of plantations, 1827-1885. Plans, tracing plan, re abandoned land in Demerara, sketch of tanks at the Leonora plantation and coloured diagram at Carnels Ida Plantation, 1767-1894. Photographs of Demerara railway, Sandbach, Parker building at Georgetown, Guyana, sugar plantations and refinery, c.1890-1953 on. Minute book (rough) with notes on financial matters and trading results of the West India Co., 1907-1953. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.