Bryson collection: Roby And Utley (Rainhill) Ltd.



John Roby Ltd., based in Rainhill, near Liverpool, was a firm of brass founders, and made portholes, bells and other brass fittings for many ship builders. The company later merged with Thomas Utley & Co., Ltd., based in Tuebrook, Liverpool. Its Rainhill works were closed in the 1970s. This collection is part of the Bryson business collections. The collection consists of 46 boxes and includes administrative papers, financial papers and ledgers, legal documents, order bundles, plans and sales catalogues spanning 1870-1966. The order bundles comprise the majority of the collection, 39 boxes, and may contain enquiries, quotes, bills, order correspondence and plans. These were not arranged in any obvious alphabetical or numerical order, but they have been kept in their original bundles and boxes to preserve original order. For more details see the attached list or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the collection catalogue. The collection is held at our reserve store and is available by appointment only. Related Material Also at the reserve store are 4 day books for the firm of John Roby Ltd., manufacturers of brass ship fittings, Rainhill, 1900-1951, showing details of work carried out and materials used, the cost of the work and payments received. The firm carried out work for most of the major firms in the shipbuilding industry and the Admiralty. The volumes also contain details of work carried out (showing labour and materials) on the properties of various members of the Roby family. For example, Thomas Spencer Roby of Ash Down and Ash Leigh, Rainhill; the executors of the late John Roby, Rainhill, at Roby Cottages, Derby Cottages, Fir Grove and Wilshaw estates, and John B. Roby at Prescot. We also hold company papers of various companies listed within the order bundles series, including Cammell Laird, Elder Dempster, BICC and Cunard. Some of the orders relate to the Mauretania.