Bryson collection: Williamson, Milligan and Company, merchants, Liverpool.



From the Guide to the Collections of the Merseyside Maritime Museum, volume 2: This firm of merchants was established in Liverpool by immigrant Scots and traded with South America, mostly with Argentina and Uruguay. The senior partner, John Williamson, endowed the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead. His brother, Stephen, was a partner in Balfour, Williamson & Co., founded in 1851 in Liverpool, as merchants trading with Chile. Balfour Williamson ceased trading in Liverpool in the 1930s, but still operates from offices in London. Records : Letters to John Williamson from Scotland, including three from his uncle in Fife, re personal and business affairs, including John Williamson starting work with his brother Stephen in Liverpool in 1849, 1847-1851. Letters to John Williamson, c/o H.C. Smith & Co., Liverpool (South American merchants) from Stephen Williamson at New York and Valparaiso, re business of the firm, 1851-1853. Letter of introduction re John Williamson from H.C. Smith & Co., Liverpool, to Messrs. Smith Brothers & Co., Montevideo, and letter to John Williamson, c/o H.C. Smith & Co., Liverpool, from Smith, Buenos Aires, 1852-1853. Shipbuilding agreement John Reid & Co., Port Glasgow, and Williamson, Milligan & Co., Liverpool, for a four-masted steel sailing ship, 1886.