Bronze buckle and plate with a compressed oval loop cast in one piece with the plate. Front of loop is decorated with a dense row of punched circlets, broken in one place. The tongue hinges through the hole in the top centre of the plate which is rectangular with an openwork pattern of interlocking T-motifs with tails inwards. The divisions between the cells is very narrow and in one place broken away in antiquity, the ends of broken walls are worn. In this portion of the plate there are 3 rivets of bronze with round heads attaching the plate to the belt, the leather remains behind are not so thick as the length of rivet suggests (i.e. 3mm) so either shrunken or eroded. The other end of the plate also has openwork in the form of pair of well drawn boar-heads with ear, ring and dot eye, long upper jaw, down and under curled lower jaw projecting up across the jaw to simulate a tusk. The upper jaws are joined by a curved arc of bronze with remains of iron rivet at centre. Heads and jaws are otherwise fully cut-out, and there is even a large open roundel between the necks with a double groove on either neck.The rest of the flat plate has a double ring and dot decoration. There is leather behind just a flat piece shaped to the plate.