Burrell Traction Engine



Purchased new by Robert Bridson & Son of Neston, Wirral, this Burrell traction engine was used over the years for a number of different purposes. In its early life it was used for furniture removals, hauling several vans to Wales, north Lancashire and the Peak District. Later it was used for road making and threshing. In 1948 it was converted to a tar sprayer and used until 1953, from when it lay unused in the firm’s yard. It was donated to the Museum by Mrs Bridson in 1968. This traction engine (or road locomotive) has a compound steam engine rated at 6 nominal horse power (4.48kW) and was intended for use on the roads, rather than on farms. Manufactured by Charles Burrell & Company Ltd, Thetford, Norfolk in 1909. Number 30988. Registration Number MA5657