Business papers of Sandbach, Tinne & Co., and Subsidiary Companies



Founded in 1782 in Demerara now part of Guyana by James McInroy, Sandbach, Tinne & Co., were shipowners, produce brokers, general merchants and plantation owners, exporting from the West Indies sugar, coffee, molasses, rum and also coolies. In 1790 the company was joined by George Robertson, Charles Parker and Samuel Sandbach and became known as McInroy, Sandbach & Co. From 1813 the company's headquarters were in Liverpool, the same year that Demerara became a British possession. Samuel Sandbach, Mayor of Liverpool in 1831, appointed P.F. Tinne, who had been Government Secretary in Demerara under Dutch rule, as his partner in England. Although the company passed through a number of name changes, Sandbach Tinne & Co., is the name by which the company is generally known. Branches of the company were opened in Glasgow (briefly), Montreal (West India Co.) and Trinidad. This collection consists of the recent subsidiary companies. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.