Bust of Menander card

Bust of Menander


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Male bust, conventionally identified as the dramatist Menander. The portrait follows the original Hellenistic type but the head is not turned to the right but titled downwards, the facial features are less angular and sharp than 59.148.110. The hair follows the tradition of the Hellenistic copy particularly with the star fish arrangement at the top of the head and the tufts of hair on the forehead. The hair generally looks less tousled than 59.148.110. The original Greek portrait was said to have been created by the Hellenistic Greek sculptor Kephisodotus together with Timarchos. Menander was an Athenian comedy writer ( b. 3420 d290 BC ) who wrote about 105 plays. He received greater esteem after his death and considered to be equal to Homer. Menander was popular among the Romans and his works were used for the education of men. He was a popular sculpture head used by the Romans to emphasise their links to Hellenistic rulers and to promote their status as men of learning.