Bust of Nefertiti (facsimile)


Painted plaster cast of a bust of Nefertiti on wooden plinth. The original object is part of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin collection, currently on display in the Neues Museum. The Nefertiti bust was found on 6 December 1912 at Amarna by the German Oriental Company (Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft – DOG), led by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt. It was found in what had been the sculptor Thutmose's workshop, along with other unfinished busts of Nefertiti. Having seen that a replica of the bust was put on display in the British Museum Liverpool curator Joseph Clubb writes to C. J. Gadd in 1924 requesting detail of how to acquire a cast of Nefertiti’s head. A coloured cast was later purchased from Museum van reproducties van beeldhouwkunst, the Haag. In 1941 the plaster cast was destroyed when Liverpool Museum was bombed.