Bust of Nymph



Bust of a nymph, probably from a underlfe size statuette of a seated numph from a sculptural composition known as 'The invitation to dance'. The group represented a Satyr playing the cymbals with a nymph but it was most likely a theme that was invented than a truly ancient one. The bust is probably from a different piece and an 18th century restoration but is of the same quality marble as the face. The nymph has her head turned to the left slightly looking upwards and she smiles with her mouth half open. The hair is tied at the back in an elegant bow and rendered in thick grooves at the top of the head. A snail shaped streak of hair is by each side of the face. At the forehead there are short curved streaks that may have been later added onto the face. There has been a general reworking of the face. Blundell might have bought it as a companion to the bust of Satyr 59.148.156.