Bust of a Priest of Isis



Roman bust, mounted on a metal rod set into a piece of stone (perhaps a column fragment?). Discovered at Corwen in 1909 by Mr John Williams, architect of Dee View, Corwen, beneath foundations adjacent to The Crown Hotel, thought to date back to 1628. There is a newspaper article about the discovery in the History File, along with a postcard. Yr Adsain, 30 May 1916 page 6: "Priest of Isis Bust. The Greek Marble head of the First Century Bust discovered at Corwen by Mr. J. Williams, Dee View, a few years ago - this being the only one in history ever discovered in the British Isles is to be offered for sale by public auction at an early date for the benefit of the Red Cross Socity. The bust is mounted upon a mullion pedestal, the piece of mullion was obtained from a window in Corwen Church previous to the restoration some 45 years ago." Dimensions of just the bust: H 190 mm; W 95 mm.