Bust of a Young Boy wearing a Cowl



Head of a young boy sleeping and wearing a pointed hood from a cloak (cucullus). Bartman believed that he is more a representation of a slave holding a lantern and waiting for his master, known as lanternarius. The statuette would serve to indicate the status of the owner of the villa. His head is titled forward and he is asleep and it is not difficult to imagive the lower part of his body, perhaps seated on a rock with one leg drawn up and the lantern on his side. There are signs of reworking underneath his jaw which may suggest that he originally cradled his head in his left hand. The boy has long curls and chubby cheeks and his lips are sligthly parted revealing his teeth and suggesting that he has just fallen asleep. The hairstyle is similar to the Claudian period and particularly from the time of Nero