Canopic Jar

LL 5130


Creamy yellow Egyptian alabaster; surface has very high polish. Uninscribed. A deposit of a black shiny substance fills the bottom of the interior cavity (and sawdust, presumably remains of a packing material when in storage). Acquired with a human-headed lid of Egyptian alabaster. Purchased at Sotheby's 23-24 July 1917 (Hope sale) Lot 172/4: "FOUR CANOPIC JARS IN ALABASTER, comprising Mestha, the man-headed - 17 in. high ; Hapi, the ape-headed - 14 in. high ; Qebhsennuf, the hawk-headed - 13 in. high ; and Tuamutef, the jackal-headed - 15 in. high. All the vases, with the exception of the first, fully inscribed - a remarkable set of the highest importance [PLATE IV.]".