Canopic Jar



Ceramic canopic jar painted with two columns of hierogylphic text that are now not very clear. Black resinous substance runns down the sides of the jar. Auction sticker on the side with the lot number "293". Fits with ape-headed lid no. 1973.2.346. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Previous repair , chipped, pitted, worn, surface dirt, discoloured, label adhered to surface. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accesion no. 59884: CANOPIC JAR Limestone, Ape-headed, Duametef. 13½" high 6¾" diameter. The lid chipped. XXIIIrd Dynasty; Purchased by at Sotheby's, London, (Bethell Sale) 15-17 December 1924, lot 395 ("three limestone canopic jars with heads of Hapi, Duamutef and Qebsennef").