Canopic Jar of Wah-hor



When the priest Wah-hor was being mummified, his internal organs were removed to prevent the body from rotting. They were wrapped in linen, placed in a canopic jar and buried with Wah-hor. Each organ was protected by one of the Four Sons of Horus. This jar has a lid in the shape of the baboon-headed deity, Hapy, who protected the lungs. The jar is incised with four columns of hieroglyphs with a spell that invokes Hapy to protect the contents. The inscription records that Wah-hor was the son of man called Ptah-hotep. Danson Catalogue 2 no. 278 "set of 4 canopic jars of alabaster, with stoppers complete, & the appropriate prayer engraved on the front of each. In perfect condition. XVIII Dynasty". CONDITION NOTE 1998: Pitted, worn, discolouation, adhesive residue on lid, surface dirt.