Card, 'Lest We Forget. Can you find this ex service man a job? If not, please help him by buying this card'



The text on this card reads: ‘Lest We Forget (Price 2d) Can you find this Ex Service man a job? If not, please help him by buying this Card'. Followed by the poem, 'Poppies that grow in Flanders'. Rapidly progressing medical and technological advances meant that men who would perhaps have died in earlier conflicts, survived in the First World War. Throughout the War, men like these were invalided home in their thousands. The Government and society had to learn quickly how to deal with a generation of both mentally and physically wounded people. Nearly 18,000 charities were established during the First World War. Many were ‘Comfort Funds’, providing food, clothing and friendship, to the troops at The Front. Others were concerned with the families and men struggling to survive at home in Britain. This card highlights the struggles that many ex-servicemen faced in finding jobs and fitting back into society when they returned.