Career papers of Allan Montgomerie Bennett (1904-1991), Elder Dempster engineer.



Allan Montgomerie Bennett was born in 1904 and served his apprenticeship with Harland & Wolff Ltd. in Southampton, later transferring to their works in Belfast where he worked for three years in the diesel drawing office, and one year in the pipe lay-out drawing office. He joined Elder Dempster Lines, Liverpool, after leaving Belfast and served in a number of Elder Dempster's ships. After obtaining his Board of Trade certificates in 1934, he joined the Chief Superintendent Engineer's staff as an outside assistant and in 1940 was made inside technical assistant. He was made deputy chief superintendent engineer in 1942 and chief superintendent engineer in 1944, and assistant manager in 1948. By 1954 he was a director of Elder Dempster Lines and became one of four managing directors of Ocean Fleets Ltd. in July 1967, when the various companies of the Ocean Steamship Company (including Elder Dempster Lines) were integrated. He was involved in the development of an inert gas fire extinguishing system for cargo ships, a joint venture between Elder Dempster Lines, the Pyrene Company, and W.C. Holmes Ltd., which was tested and demonstrated in 1956. Later that year he published a paper "Fires in Cargo Ships", which had an international circulation. He retired in 1968, living for many years in Hampshire, and died in 1999. The collection includes career papers relating to A.M. Bennett's promotions, as well as certificates of his institute and committee memberships, details of his project work on inert gas fire extinguishing in cargo ships and his personal papers. The collection also contains details of Elder Dempster Lines' administration, finance, fleet and company history. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.