Career papers of Charles Foale, (1878 -1964 (?)), steward and cook, later dock nightwatchman.



Seafarer's career papers of Charles Foale, born 1878 died 1964 (?), discharge number 201951, steward and cook. Discharge certificate number 201951, photographs including of crew of Orellana, 1904 with pet monkey. Photographs of sailing ship Howth with decks full of water and rigging with storm damage. Extract from log of Celtic Chief detailing how Foale was swept overboard and back onboard by waves, 1902. Diary of Charles Foale, night watchman (aged 62), Grayson, Rollo and Clover Docks Limited, South Works, Wapping, Liverpool, 1940, records air raids and warnings over the city during the Second World War.